‘Career criminal’ from Barnsley locked up for burglary

Jonathan Shaw - convicted burglar
Jonathan Shaw - convicted burglar
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A ‘career criminal’ responsible for 15 burglaries has been jailed for 38 months.

The judge who jailed Jonathan Shaw, aged 29, was told he had spent virtually all his life behind bars since he was 13 years old.

Judge Sarah Wright QC was told his repeated prison sentences had led to him becoming ‘institutionalised’.

She was told that Shaw, of Oxford Street, Barnsley, committed his latest break-in ‘in order to return to a prison environment’.

His barrister, Amy Earnshaw, said: “When he first started offending it was for drugs.

“The reason this offence was committed was in order to allow him to return to a prison environment.

“Mr Shaw has become institutionalised - he has been in custody from when he was 13 years of age.

“In a prison environment he spends all his time in a cell, very rarely venturing out.

“He says he can’t cope in the community.”

Ms Earnshaw called for Judge Wright to consider an alternative to prison, claiming Shaw needs help to deal with his issues, including agoraphobia.

“Mr Shaw has received a number of prison sentences and assistance has not been forthcoming on his release back into the community,” she said.

“He does not wish to spend the rest of his life in prison but is fearful of leaving the prison environment without assistance.”

Shaw pleaded guilty to breaking into a house on Highstone Road, Worsbrough Common and stealing a handbag.

He was caught by the householder, who told police she now feels ‘fearful and frightened and like a prisoner in her own home’.

Judge Wright described Shaw as a ‘career criminal’, with 15 burglary offences on his record and said despite being institutionalised he had to return to prison.