Car crime in Sheffield: 11 areas with most vehicle break-ins and thefts, according to police

Police forces across England and Wales recorded more than 30,000 car crimes in March, with over 500 reported in Sheffield, official data shows.

The latest figures, which include thefts, break-ins and vehicle tamperings, equate to about 1,000 crimes a day.

Across England and Wales, police have so far closed nearly two-thirds of cases without identifying a suspect (63 per cent). One-third (33 per cent) of vehicle crimes from March were listed as still under investigation. Fewer than one per cent of incidents have so far resulted in court action or a caution, although this is likely to rise as investigations progress.

Police recorded 523 vehicle crimes in the Sheffield local authority area in March, the figures show.

The figures from also show the approximate location of each recorded vehicle crime. We have compiled this list of the neighbourhoods in Sheffield with the greatest number of reported vehicle crime incidents last month.

These neighbourhoods are known as middle-layer super output areas, which the Office for National Statistics (ONS) uses to divide England and Wales into more than 7,000 smaller areas of between 5,000 and 15,000 residents.