Car crashes into central refuge of pedestrian crossing after trying to flee police in Sheffield ring road pursuit

This was the scene on Sheffield’s ring road after a teenager crashed his car into the central refuge of a pedestrian crossing after trying to flee police.

Sunday, 4th July 2021, 9:05 am

The 18-year-old was found to have drugs in his car and had already collided with three mototists as he tried to escape, before finally coming to a crashing halt on Netherthorpe Road, near Shalesmoor.

Police said the car had been reported as involved in collisions with other vehicles a few days previously and driving off, as well as other offences, when it was spotted on Thursday.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police Operational Support said: “For anyone who's ever watched any Police TV programmes the chases look really exciting, but contrary to what you may think we really don’t want them. If everyone just stopped it would make things much easier, and safer.

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The car after it crashed on Netherthorpe Road.
The car after it crashed on Netherthorpe Road.

“Unfortunately the 18 year old driver of this Focus didnt buy into our thoughts on a safe society and failed to stop. Having run a few red lights he aimed it for a gap that just wasn't there, and after hitting three members of the public who were sat in the traffic; he rammed his car into the railings.

“His attempt at running away was similarly poor, and he was soon in cuffs and off to a room without a view.”

He said drugs were found in the car, along with some scales.

Police also said that tme driver was uninsured and unlicensed and added that he tested positive for drugs. Officers are continuing with their enquiries.

Drugs found in a car after the pollice chase