Cannabis grower is locked up

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A NAIVE cannabis addict who grew £40,000 worth of skunk in his stepfather’s Sheffield city centre rental lock-up after getting involved with hardened criminals has been jailed for 12 months.

Jack Renshaw, aged 22, grew cannabis for his own use but got involved with professional criminals who beat him up and forced him to grow more, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

James Gould, prosecuting, said at 3pm on June 14, police raided an industrial unit on Sussex Street, Sheffield city centre, rented by Renshaw’s stepfather Richard Harris.

“Concealed behind a brick wall within the container was a large- scale cannabis-growing operation. There were 100 plants, a metre in height and the electricity set up had been by-passed.

“They were well developed plants of the skunk variety. The yield was in the region of 4kg with an estimated street value of £40,000.”

Amanda Denton, defending, said Renshaw began growing the drug for his own use: “Matters got out of hand and it spiralled. He had entered into a world that was alien to him and it was frightening.

“He took the punishment meted out to him but he kept it secret from his family.”

Mr Gould said Harris, aged 46, of Atlantic Crescent, Low Edges, became aware of what was going on but turned a blind eye.

Rebecca Stevens, defending him said: “He found himself in an impossible situation. He was terrified having seen the injuries that his son suffered at the hands of those who were responsible for this and genuinely believed his son’s life would be in danger.”

Renshaw, of Low Edges Crescent, Low Edges, was jailed for a year and his stepdad received a year suspended for two years and 200 hours of community service.

Judge Roger Keen QC said: “Word has to go out that this sort of offending will not be tolerated.”