Cannabis factory causes house fire

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A CANNABIS factory was responsible for a blaze breaking out in a house in Rotherham, police have revealed.

Firefighters were called to Packham Road, Wath and found 20 cannabis plants being grown inside.

An examination of the property revealed that sockets and circuits had been overloaded with lighting, heating and ventilation equipment needed to help the plants grow.

Police officers removed the cannabis plants and a 27-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident and bailed pending further inquiries.

The blazed caused severe damage to the house and Packman Road was closed for several hours while emergency services dealt with the incident.

Temporary Detective Inspector David Turner said: “The production of cannabis is a serious enough matter in the first instance, and police officers in Rotherham are conducting search warrants and seizures on a regular basis.

“Together with the fire, believed to have been caused by negligent and reckless acts of overloading electricity systems, we have an added risk to neighbours and families.

“It is only due to swift attendance of the emergency services that a more serious incident did not develop here.”

Anyone with suspicions about other factories should call police on 101.