Calls for new dam security

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CALLS have been made for security to be improved at Ulley Reservoir amid claims that yobs have started rolling boulders down a new multi-million pound slipway.

It was created as part of a wide-ranging £4 million restoration project in the wake of the floods of June 2007, when the dam wall at Ulley Reservoir almost collapsed.

Treeton Parish Council is set to ask Rotherham Council to install CCTV cameras on the dam bank to deter yobs from congregating there and rolling boulders and stones down the slipway.

Coun Richard Baker said: “Large boulders and stones are being placed on and rolled down the slipway.

“If this is allowed to continue it will defeat the object of building it. They could cause an obstruction to overflow water that might threaten the safety of the dam bank.”