Burglars stole 75 cars in one month after breaking into South Yorkshire homes for keys

Burglars stole 75 cars in South Yorkshire in one month after breaking into homes for the keys.

Friday, 19th February 2021, 7:15 am

South Yorkshire Police said the cars were stolen after house break-ins, where keys were found.

The force said: “The most common way burglars get in? Through unlocked doors and windows!”

Police chiefs also recently revealed that 101 keyless entry vehicles were stolen in South Yorkshire in a one month period between December and January.

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A total of 75 cars were stolen in South Yorkshire last month after keys were stolen in burglaries

Crooks use devices which allow them to open doors by interfering with signals from car key fobs.

In a a warning about burglars looking for cars to steal, South Yorkshire Police said: “Two-in-one burglaries are when thieves get into your home, steal your keys and then drive away in your car.

“Consider installing CCTV or doorbell cameras at your property, fit outside security lighting and invest in an alarm.

“If you have a garage use it for your car. If you don’t have one fit a sturdy lock to your gates or a security post on the driveway.

“Always lock your car – it is so common for them to be left unlocked.

“Fit an immobiliser, tracking device or a visible steering wheel lock.

“If you have more than one vehicle, park the less desirable one behind the more expensive one, making it more difficult to remove.

“Please lock your doors and windows even if you’re in the house.

“Don’t leave keys on view near windows, doors or cat flaps.

“Look out for your neighbours and report anything suspicious to the police.”