Burglars jailed after breaking into Sheffield pensioner’s flat

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Two burglars are behind bars after breaking into the home shared by an elderly man and his son.

Stephen Keady, aged 27, of Edenhall Road, Arbourthorne and Ashley Oliver, 21, of Sherwood Street, Barnsley, broke into a flat on Queen Mary Road, Manor, and demanded cash from the occupants.

Sheffield Crown Court heard 83-year-old Tim Henry was at home with his step-son Matthew Johnson, 19, when the burglars struck.

They heard a knock at a window and one of the men demanded cash from Mr Johnson, but when he refused to hand any over the men climbed into the flat, made further demands and punched him.

The burglars then warned that they would return and the initial £20 they asked for went up to £150.

When Keady returned on June 2 and was told his victims had no money he threatened to smash their windows before leaving empty-handed.

He was reported and arrested by police later that day.

Keady was sentenced to three years for burglary and 18 months for assault after pleading guilty, and Oliver got two years after also admitting burglary.

Detective Inspector Shafiq Rehman said: “This was a particularly traumatic incident for the victims, being subjected to threats and violence in their own home.

“I hope the fact the people who did this to them are off the streets and will be spending Christmas behind bars will offer them some closure.

“South Yorkshire Police is taking robust action against burglars and are determined to bring them to justice.”

Mr Johnson and his step-father, who have moved home after the break-in, said they are pleased at the prison sentences handed out.

“It was terrifying at the time to be threatened and assaulted in your own home,” said Mr Johnson.

“I knew who Keady was and get the impression he targets people he thinks won’t stand up to him.

“Now that he is locked up he won’t be able to do that anymore.”