Burglar’s jail term slashed

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A ‘DEPLORABLE’ burglar who stole £2,000 from a bereaved Sheffield widow has had his sentence cut by top judges.

Felix Wall, aged 26, stole the cash from grieving pensioner Audrey Twigg, 84, which she had withdrawn from the bank to pay for her husband’s gravestone.

Wall, of Oakleigh Street, Nottingham, was jailed for five years at Sheffield Crown Court on March 4, after pleading guilty to burgling Mrs Twigg’s home in Lingfoot Crescent, Jordanthorpe.

Lord Justice Laws, Mr Justice Openshaw and Mr Justice Hickinbottom, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, have now cut the sentence to four years after concluding - ‘with a heavy heart’ - that it was too long.

The court heard Wall, along with another man, called at the widow’s home on August 7 last year, telling her a tale about one of her windows being damaged in order to lure her outside.

When she went out, one of the men distracted her while the other stole her bag and purse.

Mr Justice Openshaw said: “Mrs Twigg couldn’t believe that these men would stoop so low as to pick on an elderly widow and steal all of her money.”

Condemning the offence, Lord Justice Laws added: “This was an unspeakable, deplorable offence, calculated, nasty, as bad as it gets.”

But he said: “Five years is too high”, adding that the Crown Court judge had not given Wall enough credit for pleading guilty.

Mr Justice Openshaw concluded: “It is said that, since he pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, he should have been allowed a discount of one third, to four years. With a heavy heart we feel driven to reduce the sentence to four years.”