Burglar raided
wife’s employer

Police outside GT News Sheffield
Police outside GT News Sheffield
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A dad has been spared jail after taking his wife’s keys and stealing more than £6,000 from the Sheffield newsagent where she worked.

Alan Bush grabbed cash, tobacco and stamps from GT News on High Street in the city centre during a twilight raid.

The 47-year-old dad-of-one, who delivered newspapers for the store a few years ago, was handed a suspended prison sentence at Sheffield Crown Court.

Michael Tooley, prosecuting, said: “At 4.50am on Monday, November 3, the manager opened the doors and was surprised the audible alarm did not activate.”

More than £6,000 in cash was missing, along with £200 worth of tobacco and stamps worth £140.

Mr Tooley said: “The manager looked around and could find no signs of forced entry, so presumed someone had entered with a key.”

CCTV showed Bush walking to and from the store.

Mr Tooley said: “He admitted the offence and he said he had taken the keys from his wife’s handbag.

“He had previously worked there so knew the layout of the shop and where stock was kept.

“He said he knew the alarm code as he had seen it once before written down.”

Geraldine Kelly, mitigating, said Bush planned the burglary after getting into £4,000 of debt with a loan shark. She said it had caused him so much stress he had relapsed into taking heroin after a decade.

His partner of 15 years lost her job after taking time off following the burglary.

Bush, of St George’s Close, Netherthorpe, was sentenced to 18 months in jail, suspended for two years. He must also attend a six-month drug rehabilitation programme, complete a nine-month supervision requirement and is banned from entering GT News.