Boy, 16, found guilty of murdering Anthony Sumner after Sheffield stabbing

A knife-wielding teenager has today been found guilty of murdering Anthony Sumner on a Sheffield street after the victim was attacked by the youth and another man with a machete.

Sheffield Crown Court has heard during a trial how the 16-year-old Sheffield boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and Richard Sampson, aged 50, of Prince of Wales Road, near Woodthorpe, Sheffield, attacked 42-year-old Anthony Sumner on Windy House Lane, Manor, Sheffield.

Prosecuting barrister Michelle Colborne QC said the youth was armed with a knife and Sampson was armed with a machete when Mr Sumner was attacked on July 29, 2021, after Mr Sampson believed Mr Sumner had broken his windows.

The accused were allegedly captured on CCTV following Anthony Sumner and a friend, according to Ms Colborne, and after the friend had gone into his home, Mr Sumner was attacked.

Pictured is deceased Anthony Sumner who died aged 42 after he was set upon during a reported knife and machete attack on Windy House Lane, at Manor, Sheffield.

Ms Colborne said: “Anthony Sumner was defenceless when he was chased and cornered in a garden by them.”

She added Sampson set about him with a machete, aiming at his head and upper body deliberate blows which landed and cut him to his left wrist, and the youth - armed with a knife - jabbed at Mr Sumner’s chest area.

Anthony Sumner stumbled into the street and collapsed in front of neighbours and friends and died just after midnight on July 30, 2021, according to Ms Colborne.

Ms Colborne said Anthony Sumner suffered injuries to his head consistent with a machete and injuries to his chest consistent with a knife, and the stab wounds and the resulting blood loss and breathing problems led to his death.

Ms Colborne said the youth called a relative and allegedly confessed he had stabbed someone and he believed this person had died.

Both Sampson and the youth, of Sheffield, pleaded not guilty to murder and to possessing an offensive weapon in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

However, the jury found the youth guilty on June 30 of murder and guilty of possessing an offensive weapon. The jury have also found Sampson formally guilty of possessing an offensive weapon but they have yet to return a verdict on the murder charge which he still faces.

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Sampson claimed to have found the machete behind a bin and he accepted inflicting injury but he claimed he had not intended to cause grievous bodily harm or to kill Mr Sumner despite striking him with the machete.

He also claimed he did not stab the deceased and he did not know the youth had a knife or that this person was going to use one to stab Mr Sumner.

Sampson said Mr Sumner started throwing plants pots and Sampson said he was trying to protect himself and he had only slapped him with the flat side of the machete.

Ms Colborne said despite the best efforts of paramedics Mr Sumner died in the street just after midnight on July 30, 2021.

The trial jury is continuing their deliberations concerning Sampson.

The case continues.