Boy, 16, arrested over three shootings in Sheffield

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A boy aged 16 is in police custody this morning after being arrested over three shootings in Sheffield.

Three separate shootings – which detectives say are linked – were reported to police by worried locals in Parson Cross and Southey Green on Monday night.

Shooting of a Ford Ka on Barrie Crescent in Sheffield

Shooting of a Ford Ka on Barrie Crescent in Sheffield

A 13-year-old girl was injured in one of the attacks after a gun was blasted at a house.

The schoolgirl was in a property on Deerlands Avenue when it was targeted by a gunman who fired at the door.

She suffered injuries from shattered debris.

On neighbouring Lindsay Avenue, and on nearby Barrie Crescent in Southey Green, shots were also fired at cars outside two homes.

Yesterday parts of Lindsay Avenue and Barrie Crescent were still sealed off by police, while officers stood guard and carried out house-to-house inquiries.

A woman who lives in the property on Barrie Crescent moved there only a couple of months ago – and it is believed the intended target was not her but a former occupant of the house.

One man told The Star: “Those who lived there before were always in trouble. Things went quiet when they were in prison, then it would all start again when they were released.”

A silver Ford Ka was parked in the driveway with its rear window shattered.

Neighbours said they heard several gunshots, but initially believed they were fireworks.

An elderly man said: “I thought it was fireworks

because the dogs went mad.

I didn’t realise what it was until I got up and saw the police here.

“Things like this are always happening around here. It’s getting worse. We’ve had things stolen and cars broken into. We lock our gates at night and we don’t go out.”

A woman who lives on nearby Morgan Avenue added: “There is joyriding and shouting all the time, so I tend to block things out whenever I hear anything.”

Residents on Lindsay Avenue reported hearing several shots on Monday between 9.30pm and 11.10pm before police officers arrived and the police helicopter circled the scene.

Will Hancock, 33, of Barrie Crescent, said: “My family have lived in this house for 40-odd years and Barrie Crescent has always been very quiet,” he said.

“So to see CSI vans on the street, and police tape everywhere, is strange.”