Booze warning for South Yorkshire festive partygoers

Police Day of Action,  Shaun Morley
Police Day of Action, Shaun Morley
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POLICE today warned Christmas revellers to drink sensibly over the festive season to avoid falling foul of the law.

Superintendent Shaun Morley, of South Yorkshire Police said: “December is a very busy time for all people with work parties and festive celebrations happening throughout the month.

“The festive celebrations also put an extra pressure on public services especially the police.

“We want people to enjoy going out over the festive period. However, my role is to try to keep people as safe as possible and crime at its minimum.

“I aim to keep alcohol- related anti-social behaviour and criminality to a minimum and we are asking members of the public to work with us and ensure that they keep themselves safe whilst socialising.”

South Yorkshire Police have issued some tips on how to stay safe.

The force has urged revellers to book taxis or arrange designated drivers to get them home.

Supt Morley said: “With the weather due to remain cold it is vital that you book a taxi prior to your celebrations beginning. Alternatively, ensure that you have a designated driver.”

He also warned residents on nights out to ensure their valuable, including Christmas presents, are kept out of view.

And he urged people to lock their doors to avoid making live easy for burglars and said Christmas tree lights should be switched off to avoid the risk of a fire when homes are empty.

Supt Morley added: “Don’t entice burglars into your property by leaving presents under the tree. To prevent yourself becoming a victim of crime and spoiling your Christmas, remove any valuable property out of sight.”

He also stressed the importance of carrying valid ID because licensees will be tightening up on underage drinking and challenging anyone who looks under the age of 25.

Supt Morley said: “To stay safe whilst celebrating, stay together and look after one another. Incidents tend to occur when people are on there own, therefore to prevent becoming a victim of crime stay with friends.

“Drink sensibly and know your personal alcohol limits – everyone’s alcohol limits are different, therefore know what yours are and stop at an enjoyable but safe point.

“Don’t leave your drink unattended – to keep yourself safe ensure that you don’t leave your drink unattended. Whilst holding your drink make sure that you cover the top, preventing anything from being dropped into it.”

EVERY crime and incident reported to South Yorkshire Police on Friday – traditionally one of the busiest days of the year – will be posted on Twitter.

Police chiefs hope the ‘Twitterthon’, which will run between noon and midnight, will demonstrate how busy the force gets over the festive season, with December 21 – otherwise know as Mad Friday – one of the busiest every year for anti-social behaviour and violent crime.

The force will also post details of how they responded to every crime and incident reported in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster.

Superintendent Peter Norman said: “During the build up to Christmas and continuing over the festive and New Year period, South Yorkshire Police see an increased demand through calls for service.

“The information being communicated through Twitter will raise awareness of the diverse and complex role of policing.

“This will enable the public to see, on one of the busiest periods, how much time and resources officers spend policing and keeping the community safe over the festive period.”

The tweets will be displayed on police screens to be put up in busy locations for members of the public to follow. The force has 19,569 followers on Twitter.

* Visit South Yorkshire Police or follow #SYtweetmas to monitor police activity during the Twitterthon.