Bonser Guilty: Woman who murdered South Yorkshire schoolgirl Casey must serve at least 22-years

Convicted: Hannah Bonser
Convicted: Hannah Bonser
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THE family of tragic South Yorkshire schoolgirl Casey Kearney may never know why she was killed - by a woman today beginning a life sentence for her murder.

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Hannah Bonser, aged 26, must serve at least 22 years in jail after a jury ruled she was bad, not mad, when she knifed 13-year-old Casey to death in a ‘terrible, random and unprovoked attack’ in a South Yorkshire park.

Judge Mr Justice Ross Cranston told Sheffield Crown Court: “Why had Hannah Bonser done this to Casey, a young girl, a complete and wholly innocent stranger? We still do not know.”

Jurors took just two hours to find Bonser guilty, rejecting her case that she was psychotic at the time with diminished responsibility.

Bonser, dressed in a baggy blue sweatshirt, stared ahead and showed no emotion as the guilty verdict was read out.