Body mix-up inquiry making progress

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DETECTIVES from South Yorkshire investigating the mix-up of two bodies in a mortuary have revealed that one of the bodies has been examined by a pathologist and dental expert.

It is believed 37-year-old Christopher Alder’s body was mixed up with that of pensioner Grace Kamara while they were held in a Hull mortuary.

Mr Alder, a former soldier, died in police custody after choking to death while handcuffed on the floor of a police station in April 1998.

His family thought he had been buried but it is now believed the body of Hull pensioner Grace Kamara was laid to rest instead.

The OAP died from natural causes in 1999 but her burial was delayed and due to go ahead late last year, but when family and friends asked to see her body they realised another body had been retained instead.

South Yorkshire Police is carrying out an independent investigation.

An application has been made for the grave where Mr Alder’s family thought he had been buried to be exhumed.

Detective Superintendent Richard Fewkes said: “It is imperative that this investigation leaves no stone unturned to establish the truth surrounding these events so that the appropriate and proportionate action can be taken to address any wrong doing.”