Beloved pet dog killed on walk

Jack Russell dog 'Rollo',who was savaged to death by two other dogs
Jack Russell dog 'Rollo',who was savaged to death by two other dogs
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The owners of a pet dog have been left heartbroken after it was killed by two other dogs on a walk.

Emma Mulhearn, aged 55, was walking her two-year-old Jack Russell, named Rollo, in fields and woodland in Wincobank when the beloved pet was attacked.

Rollo was chasing sticks when two other dogs off their leads came charging towards him and mauled him.

Emma managed to wrestle the dogs off Rollo by forcing open their jaws, and ran home cradling her injured pet, but he was so badly hurt he could not be saved.

The attack has been reported to South Yorkshire Police and an investigation is now under way.

Emma’s husband, Alan, 54, said the couple are devastated at the attack and want action to be taken by the police – including destruction of the dogs.

He said: “We had Rollo from when he was six months old and he was very much part of the family – he was very spoilt.

“My wife was throwing sticks for Rollo when two dogs off their leads started charging towards them. Their owner, a woman, shouted, ‘Pick your dog up’.

“It all happened so fast and before Emma knew it those two dogs had Rollo in their mouths.

“The fact that the woman shouted at Emma to get Rollo out of the way suggests she knew what was going to happen.

“If her dogs are that vicious they should have been on a lead.

“This all happened behind Limspfield School, and children play there often, so I dread to think what would have happened if they had got hold of a child.”

Alan and Emma, who have four grown-up children, said the South Yorkshire Police officers who they informed of the attack had traced the dogs and their owner.

“Something needs to be done about the dogs so that they cannot do this to any other family pet or even a child again,” added Alan.

“My wife pulled Rollo out of the dogs’ mouths and ran with him in her arms to a local shop to get help, but Rollo was too seriously injured and died.

“We are really upset.”

n Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.