Barnsley Superdad Wayne chases down would-be burglar

Picture shows Wayne Davies of Barnsley
Picture shows Wayne Davies of Barnsley
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it’s South Yorkshire dad Wayne Davies in a Superman dressing gown.

The crime-fighting karate expert chased down a would-be burglar at his home and made a citizens arrest - wearing nothing but the novelty robe.

The 38-year-old was about to go to sleep at his family home in Monk Bretton, Barnsley, when his dogs stirred, alerting him to a potential intruder in the kitchen.

The father-of-three ran outside to try and find out what had aggravated the pets and quickly came upon the source of their fuss.

Wayne said: “I rushed out the house like a shot when I heard our Jack Russell, Lola, barking like that, but the only item of clothing to hand was my Superman dressing gown.”

His teenage son Alex also helped out as Wayne pinned down the intruder and then held him against the garden gate until police officers arrived at the scene a short time later.

“I’ve done karate for 22 years and Alex is fast – he wasn’t getting away from us that easy,” Wayne said.

“Alex managed to trip him up and then I got hold of him, grabbed him by the throat and marched him back to the house.

“I pinned him up against the garden gate until the police came to arrest him.

“When the police arrived two or three minutes later, they were having a laugh saying Superman had been running down the street trying to catch a villain.”

A black belt in karate, Wayne teaches plastering at Barnsley College. He said he was pleased to have thwarted the thief.

“It’s really nice to catch a criminal in the act and see that justice is done.”

The dressing gown was a Christmas present along with a Superman DVD box set from his wife Joanne, 40, who works as a nurse at Barnsley Hospital.

Besides Alex, 17, Wayne is also father to Gemma, 14, and Connor, nine.

He made light of the episode, adding: “I’ve always been a big fan of the films and when my hair was a bit darker when I was younger my wife said I used to look like Clark Kent – so it’s been a bit of a running joke of ours.

“This one will definitely keep the joke running I reckon.”

Lee Arnott, of Royston, South Yorkshire, has since appeared at court charged with two counts of burglary.

The 25-year-old was remanded in custody after his initial court appearance and is due to appear next at Sheffield Crown Court at the end of the month.