Barnsley litter bugs pay the price

Roy MIller
Roy MIller
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Eight litter bugs have been fined for dropping cigarette ends in Barnsley.

Seven were found guilty of littering in their absence by Barnsley magistrates and one pleaded guilty by letter.

They were all initially issued with fixed penalty notices, which are offered as an alternative to prosecution, and had 14 days to pay.

They failed to pay and were prosecuted by Barnsley Council, with most fined £200 and ordered to pay £120 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Coun Roy Miller, of Barnsley Council, said: “I cannot understand why people continue to drop litter despite the number of fines issued and the publicity around them, there are plenty of bins in the town centre and they are emptied regularly.

“One of the litterers had been prosecuted earlier this year for another littering offence she had committed back in June. The second prosecution has now left her owing £555 in fines all together.

“This shows that not learning your lesson the first time can prove to be a more expensive hobby than smoking itself.”

It is council policy to prosecute anyone who re-offends within one year.