Barber’s shock after cannabis found upstairs

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A BARBER shop is Sheffield is still open for business, after a drugs factory was discovered burning in a flat above the business.

Tracy Worthy has been inundated with calls from customers asking if her El Divo gent’s hairdressers on Mansfield Road, Intake, is still open - after firefighters found £55,000 worth of cannabis in a flat above the shop.

Tracy, aged 39, told The Star: “The flat upstairs is nothing to do with us. I’ve never even seen the people who live there.

“I’ve built this business up from nothing over the last two-and-a-half years - and I don’t want this to affect us.”

The hairdresser called the fire brigade after smoke started pouring from the upstairs flat last Friday just after 3pm.

“I was in my shop as normal when a chap came in and said he thought the roof was on fire,” she said.

“I called 999 straight away and evacuated the shop. We were all out on the street and watched the firefighters break down the door.

“They discovered the drugs, then the police came and started taking it out of the building.”

Tracy added: “I was really worried the fire would spread downstairs or there would be water damage, but thankfully we haven’t been affected at all. I just want people to know we are still open for business.”

South Yorkshire Police have asked that anyone with information about cannabis being grown call them on 0114 220 2020.