Banned motorist’s fake ID cons South Yorkshire police

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A Polish man banned from the roads swapped identities with a fellow countryman to carry on driving in South Yorkshire.

Pawel Bruzdziak, aged 28, conned police and the courts by giving them the name of a compatriot when he was arrested for a string of motoring offences, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

His ruse was discovered only when he was pulled over a third time and police took his fingerprints.

Beverley Tait, prosecuting, said Bruzdziak, a banned motorist, was driving a BMW on Main Street, Rotherham, on January 20 last year when he was stopped by police and given a fixed penalty notice for having a loose battery.

But the name he gave was that of a Polish friend and completely innocent man - Piotr Krasinski - so the fact he was a banned driver was not picked up.

On May 6 he was seen driving the BMW on Broom Road, Rotherham, on the wrong side of the road as he tried to overtake another vehicle.

He collided with another car and was forced to mount the pavement, ending up against a wall.

He appeared before Rotherham magistrates, where he admitted dangerous driving, but pleaded guilty in the false name of Mr Krasinski.

The conman was given a community order and even carried out community service under the other man’s name.

Matters came to light on New Year’s Day this year when Bruzdziak was collared for driving a Mitsubishi on Broom Valley Road while over the drink-drive limit.

He gave a breath-test reading of nearly twice the legal limit and again supplied the false name but his fingerprints were taken and his real identity was discovered.

Bruzdziak, of Ledsham Road, Broom, was banned from driving for three years when he appeared before Rotherham magistrates after admitting drink-driving.

He appeared at Sheffield Crown Court for perjury because he had not been disqualified in his own name.

He admitted the three offences of driving while banned and two offences of perverting the course of justice and was jailed for 14 months at Sheffield Crown Court.