Bad parking Sheffield: 50 drivers facing police action after new operation launches in suburbs

Police have sent letters to more than a dozen motorists caught parking dangerously in Sheffield, as part of a fresh crackdown.

By Robert Cumber
Friday, 24th June 2022, 5:56 am

Another 36 motorists could face fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for obstructing roads and pavements, under the new trial being rolled out in part of the city.

Police revealed earlier this month how they were launching Operation Park Safe in the north west of the city, and asked members of the public to share evidence of bad parking which put other drivers, pedestrians or cyclists at risk.

South Yorkshire Police said no fines or points had yet been issued but letters had been sent to 14 people whose vehicles were left in a ‘dangerous position’, which included being parked next to double white lines on a blind bend, parked on the pavement or parked on the corner of a road, blocking the visibility of traffic.

Police in the north west of Sheffield previously shared this photo as an example of the bad parking in the area. They are now taking action against drivers caught parking dangerously, who could be hit with a £100 fine and three points on their licence

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Those motorists have 28 days to reply. If they have no points on their licence, they can go on a course, which they must pay for, refreshing them about the Highway Code. If they have already attended such a course in the last year, they will receive a ‘conditional offer’ of paying a £100 fine and getting three points on their licence.

The force said these offences, which it described as a ‘clear example of danger being caused by negligence on the part of a driver’, would not have been detected were it not for the new operation.

Drivers caught parking dangerously in Sheffield could be fined £100 and get three points on their licence

Police also revealed that 36 ‘offences of obstruction’ had been identified, and said those responsible would be issued with an FPN or have advice posted to their home address, ‘where appropriate’.

Inspector Kevin Smith, of Sheffield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We are currently trialling Operation Park Safe in the north west of Sheffield after issues around illegal parking were identified as one of our local community’s top three priorities and issues of concern.

“Operation Park Safe is our problem-solving plan to try to reduce issues around dangerous and illegal parking in the north west area, and was adopted after it had previously been utilised successfully in the West Midlands area.

“Since we launched Operation Park Safe last week, we’ve had around 50 members of the public get in touch with us – either to express their support for the scheme or to share concerns.

Police crackdown on bad parking could be rolled out to other parts of Sheffield

“This has been really helpful as based on the public’s feedback, we have been able to adapt the scheme, to make sure it meets the needs of the local community.

“The trial is in the very early stages, and whilst there are no plans to expand the scheme to other areas of the city at this time, we will continue to keep an open mind about this as we continue to learn from the trial period here in the north-west, and also based on feedback from the public.

“We are already receiving messages from people in other areas of the city and South Yorkshire asking if we can launch Operation Park Safe in their area, so it’s great to hear that the public would like to see this approach rolled out elsewhere.”