Baby’s injury ‘typically seen in rugby players’

Michael Beaumont. Picture Tom Maddick/Ross Parry Agency
Michael Beaumont. Picture Tom Maddick/Ross Parry Agency
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A baby boy was admitted to hospital with an injury typically seen in rugby players in the months before his death, a court heard.

Barnsley tot Kadan Beaumont underwent surgery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital after an ear injury – which medics believed was caused by trauma – when he was two months old.

Helen Barnes /Tom Maddick

Helen Barnes /Tom Maddick

He died nine months later and a post-mortem revealed that he had suffered a number of injuries in the months before his death.

His father Michael Beaumont, 29, denies murder.

Sheffield Crown Court heard evidence from Neil Bateman, a paediatric consultant who treated Kadan on his first admission.

He said: “We drained fluid from Kadan’s ear because left untreated the injury can cause damage to the ear commonly known as cauliflower ear.

“We see it in rugby players and wrestlers, people frequently exposed to trauma of the external ear.”

His mother Helen Barnes, who denies failing to seek medical assistance for Kadan, told police her son ‘headbutted’ her days before being admitted.

Mr Bateman said: “It is unlikely normal handling of a baby would cause this.”

The trial continues.