Armed robbers steal £35,000 in attack on cash machine security guard

Cash raid: Tesco at Upperthorpe.
Cash raid: Tesco at Upperthorpe.
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ARMED robbers escaped with £35,000 after attacking a security guard as he filled up a cash machine at a Sheffield supermarket.

Two men, armed with baseball bats, used so much force to attack the guard that one of their bats cracked.

Police said the security guard, who works for firm G4S and had travelled to Sheffield from Lincoln, was initially struck across his chest before being hit over the arm.

The blow caused him to drop the cash machine cassette he was carrying which contained the bank notes.

The guard had been filling up a cash machine at Tesco on Infirmary Road, Upperthorpe.

He had just left his van and was walking towards a stand-alone cash machine when two men confronted him and demanded the money he was carrying.

Police said the security guard managed to hold on to the cassette after the first blow, but when his arm was hit he dropped the cash and the robbers fled in a car.

The vehicle had been fitted with stolen number plates.

Two colleagues who were with the security guard - one manning the van and another at the machine - were unable to intervene because of the sheer speed of the attack.

Detective Inspector Chris Singleton, from Sheffield’s priority crime team, said the guard was lucky to escape with only cuts and bruises.

“Two men with baseball bats approached him and demanded the cassette he was carrying which contained £35,000,” he said.

“He was very quickly struck a blow to his upper body and one of the bats broke.

“The guard activated his personal alarm at that point and he was struck again across his upper arm, forcing him to drop the cassette.

“The offenders then made their escape in a car, with the £35,000.”

Det Insp Singleton said armed robberies on security guards in South Yorkshire are rare.

“Cash-in-transit robberies are much more rare than they used to be - four or five years ago they were more prevalent with organised crime groups from Manchester and Merseyside travelling to South Yorkshire,” he said. “But through a lot of good work we detected a lot of these groups and those involved got substantial prison sentences.

“Security firms use much more sophisticated technology these days too, which has helped, and those involved in this kind of criminality now know they are very high risk and that the crimes attract substantial prison sentences.

“I believe South Yorkshire Police’s success at dealing with type of crime is responsible for the reduction we have seen in recent years.”

Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward and contact them 0114 220 2020.

* Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 0114 220 2020.

* A 24-year-old man, from Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire, has been charged in connection with the raid on May 5. Two other men, aged 24 and 25, from Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, were arrested and quizzed yesterday.