Appeal over two more alleged sham marriage gang members

Wanted: Muhammad Ishaque
Wanted: Muhammad Ishaque
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Investigators are searching for two men wanted in connection with a sham marriage ring which led to four men and women being jailed.

The Home Office has issued pictures of Yasir Awan, aged 28, and Muhammad Ishaque, 35, to track down the pair.

Wanted: Yasir Awan

Wanted: Yasir Awan

Awan’s last known address was Hinde House Lane, Page Hall, and Ishaque’s is Barnsley Road, Grimesthorpe.

The Pakistani nationals are alleged to have played a role in a fraudulent marriage scam which involved women being paid to marry non-British nationals in order to keep them in the country.

Masoud Rasab, 38, of Firth Park Road, Firth Park, organised weddings for men who were desperate to stay in the country between November 2009 and July 2013.

As the ringleader of the scam, Rasab was handed four years in prison at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday.

Sabrina Khan, aged 29, of Wade Close, Broom, Rotherham, helped recruit others into the scam and herself married a man - Umair Hussain - to help him stay in the country.

She was sentenced to two years, six months behind bars.

Umair Hussain, aged 28, of Scott Road, Pitsmoor, was given 21 months in prison. The court heard the Pakistani national would likely be deported at the end of his sentence.

Alisha Mahmood, aged 21, of Avon Mount, Masbrough, Rotherham, recruited another woman into the scam and also fraudulently married. She was given 21 months in jail.

A fifth woman, Keeley Cox, will be sentenced tomorrow.

Judge Michael Murphy QC told the four during the sentencing: “Where people like you four seek to exploit the system, you undermine it.

“You cause the public confidence in the immigration law to be reduced.”

He told the four: “It is no defence whatsoever for any one of you to say that you were hard up.

“Many people are hard up. This was an offence that has a certain prevalence and therefore there has to be a degree of deterrence in the sentence.”

Yasir Awan and Muhammad Ishaque are alleged to have been involved in the same sham ring.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Home Office on 0113 3865913 or visit