Appeal lodged over US case

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a SHEFFIELD student facing allegations of copyright infringement in America has lodged an appeal over the decision to extradite him.

Richard O’Dwyer, aged 23, originally from Bolsover but now living in student accommodation on Shoreham Street in Sheffield, is challenging a court decision approving his extradition to the United States.

The order was endorsed by Home Secretary Theresa May.

His lawyers have lodged appeal papers at the High Court, disputing the need for him to be extradited to face criminal charges abroad, claiming he never committed any offences in America.

The US authorities claim the TVShack website set up by Mr O’Dwyer, which hosted links to pirated films and television programmes, was in breach of US copyright laws.

Mr O’Dwyer, a Sheffield Hallam University computer science student, allegedly earned thousands of pounds through advertising on the site he ran from his bedroom before it was closed down.

If prosecuted in America and convicted he faces 10 years in jail.

He was set to travel to London today to meet his legal team to discuss the appeal.