Appeal after man asks kids to get in his car in Sheffield

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Police are trying to identify a man who tried to get children into his car, after they received three reports of inappropriate behaviour.

Officers say it is not confirmed that the incidents in Sheffield are linked but a man of similar appearance was involved in each.

The first report, at 11am on Tuesday, June 11, was when a man in Shay Road, Deepcar, approached a 16-year-old girl.

She was walking along the road when a man driving a dark blue vehicle drove alongside and gestured for her to get inside.

He stopped the vehicle, got out to approach the girl then made comments about her clothing, before she ran away.

The man is described as white, 6ft tall, with long grey hair, a thick moustache and glasses with thick lenses.

At 7pm last Saturday, June 15, a man in a dark blue vehicle approached a 12-year-old boy walking along Orgreave Lane, Sheffield. He attempted to get the boy to go towards his vehicle but when an adult intervened the man drove off. The suspect is described as in his late 50s with grey balding hair and wearing round-rimmed glasses.

The next day at 6.35pm a man in a bright blue shiny car is believed to have been ‘staring at a group of girls’ in the Birley Spa Lane area, before driving off. He is described as aged in his 60s, with grey hair, and wearing glasses.

Detective Inspector Ian Fidler said: “It is unclear at this time if the incidents are linked, however, due to a similar description given of the suspect and the vehicle and the potential seriousness of these allegations, we want to make people aware and appeal for information to help with this investigation.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting incident number 394 of June 11, 2013.