ALERT: Masked men spotted on CCTV trying doors in Sheffield suburb

Myrtle Close, Sheffield. Picture: Google
Myrtle Close, Sheffield. Picture: Google
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CCTV has captured masked men trying vehicle door handles in a Sheffield suburb.

Police said camera footage shows suspected thieves attempting to get into cars while their faces were covered in Myrtle Close, Heeley.

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They were also able to get into one vehicle as the door was unlocked and stole a small amount of cash.

The incident happened yesterday at 2.30am.

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Elsewhere, front and rear number plates were stolen from vehicles in Phillimore Road, Tinsley, between 8pm on Wednesday and 7am yesterday.

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Thieves smashed the windows of two vehicles parked close to the Manor Park Centre between midnight and 6am yesterday. Nothing was taken.

Contact police with information on 101.