Alert issued over 'small group of thugs' randomly smashing windows in Sheffield

Business owners are being alerted to a group of yobs who appear to be randomly smashing shop windows.

By Lee Peace
Sunday, 04 August, 2019, 13:09

A number of businesses, reportedly including a general goods shop and a restaurant, have been targeted over the last several days in Hillsborough and Walkley.

They appear to be wanton vandals smashing windows before fleeing the scene without attempting to break in to the premises.


One trader whose business was hit posted details of the alleged crimes onto a community forum on Facebook.

They warned people to be vigilant and wary of a ‘small group of thugs who are breaking shop windows.’

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They added: “These criminals must be identified and stopped.

“If you have CCTV please ensure (your) main doors are covered and share on here if you get footage of them in the act.”

South Yorkshire Police has been asked for comment and we are waiting for a reply.