Alcoholic killed his lover

Anthony McCall, jailed for five and a half years for killing his partner.
Anthony McCall, jailed for five and a half years for killing his partner.
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An alcoholic who killed his partner of 35 years after smashing a bottle over his head during a booze-fulled row has been jailed for five and a half years.

Michael Riches, aged 59, bled to death after putting his hand up to protect himself and a piece of glass became buried in his arm, severing an artery.

Anthony McCall, aged 55, of Redscope Crescent, Kimberworth, Rotherham admitted killing Mr Riches during his trial for murder at Sheffield Crown Court in March and was sentenced yesterday.

David Brooke, prosecuting, said: “The background is one of domestic violence between the men and years of heavy drinking.”

He said the couple had been together since 1978 but in latter years drank up to three bottles of vodka a day and fighting.

Mr Brooke said neighbours had reported frequent arguments, shouting and screaming.

At 7.30pm last October McCall rang 999 and told the operator he’d killed Mr Riches.

Officers attended Mr Riches’ home in Swinburne Place, Herringthorpe and he was rushed to Rotherham Hospital but could not be saved.

He had suffered a series of heart attacks, having lost 40 per cent of his blood and brain damage after his brain was deprived of oxygen.

Mr Brooke said: “Michael Riches was found on the settee in the living room. The defendant appeared to be drunk and there was a great deal of blood as well as broken glass.

“Mr Riches suffered a severe injury to his right hand - he effectively bled to death.”

McCall told officers he’d snapped because Mr Riches had been ‘nagging and nagging and nagging’.

Dermot Hughes, defending, said McCall regretted what had happened and would carry the ‘stigma and shame’ of having killed his partner with him for the rest of his life.

Mr Riches’ sister Patricia Brailsford said her brother’s death had ‘turned her world upside down’, and caused his family and friends ‘profound grief’.