'Aggressive beggars who urinated and defecated in public' in Sheffield ordered to clean up their act

‘Aggressive beggars’ who had been ‘urinating and defecating’ in public in Sheffield have been ordered to clean up their act or face a big fine.

Ecclesall Road, Sheffield (pic: Google)
Ecclesall Road, Sheffield (pic: Google)

The two men had been responsible for anti-social behaviour in the Ecclesall Road area of the city for around two months, according to police.

Officers said they initially tried to engage with the pair, making ‘several’ attempts to offer them help and services.

Ecclesall Road, Sheffield (pic: Google)

When this approach failed, the men were given Community Protection Notice (CPN) warnings, and when those were breached, full CPNs were issued to both men.

Breaching a CPN is a criminal offence, which can result in a fine of up to £2,500, but police said this week that since the notices had been issued the anti-social behaviour appeared to have stopped.

South Yorkshire Police’s neighbourhood team for Sheffield Central and North West said: “Last week two men were issued with CPN warnings and then, later, full CPNs, which thankfully appears to have worked.

“The two men had been causing anti-social behaviour problems in the Ecclesall Road area over around two months, including defecating and urinating in public, aggressively begging and arguing in the street.

“In an excellent piece of work by PCSO Ross Thorndyke, the men were engaged with and several attempts were made at offering help and services to assist the men in their situation.

“Unfortunately, these offers were not taken up and, as a last resort, CPN warnings were issued. Breaches of the CPN warning led to a full CPN being issued to both men and, thankfully, this appears to have alleviated the problem.

“Breach of the full CPN is a criminal offence which carries a penalty of up to a £2,500 fine.”

Police said the men could not be named as they had not committed a criminal offence in relation to the notices.