A Derbyshire thief has been jailed after he struck at a B&M store and was later found with heroin

A repeat offender with a heroin habit has been locked-up again after he was caught shoplifting.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 13:40 pm

Kurt Northage, 35, of Wraggs Lane, Alfreton, was captured on CCTV stealing a Goodmans Power Bank from B&M, in Alfreton, on June 25, according to a Chesterfield magistrates’ court hearing.

Katie Hamill, prosecuting, told the hearing on September 4: “He was seen on CCTV entering the store and walking down one of the aisles and he appeared to be on a mobile phone and was looking at items on the shelves on the electrical aisle.

“And five minutes later he picked up a Goodmans Power Bank valued at £12.99 and left without making payment.”

Pictured is a B&M Bargains store.

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Mrs Hamill added that while Northage was in police custody on September 3 he was searched and officers found a small bag of heroin in the corner of his mouth.

The defendant made no comment when questioned about the shop theft but he admitted that he buys drugs daily to stop a pain in his leg and that he does have a drug habit.

Northage pleaded guilty to the theft and to possessing diamorphine.

Chesterfield magistrates' court.

Mrs Hamill said Northage has 34 theft and kindred offences recorded against him and he has previously been sentenced to custody.

The court heard that because Northage was still under licence after his early release from custody and following a failure to fulfil probation appointments he would also be recalled to prison for 28 days.

Defence solicitor Asif Munir said at the time of theft he had been low on benefits and he stole the Power Bank and sold it on for £5 to buy food.

Mr Munir added that Northage was arrested for his recall to prison in September and police found the heroin in his mouth.

Northage, who has a prosthetic leg, has had drug issues for 19 years and he takes heroin to alleviate pain, according to Mr Munir.

Mr Munir said Northage had also missed a probation appointment and he was so fearful that he would be re-called to prison he continued to fail to attend further appointments and he had been missing for two months.

Magistrates sentenced Northage to four weeks of custody for the theft and for possessing heroin which will run concurrently with his 28 day recall to custody.

He was ordered to pay £12.99 in compensation to B&M.