999: What's Your Emergency viewers sickened as Sheffield man admits raping daughter

A Sheffield paedophile who admitted to sexually abusing his daughter in a new police reality show has been jailed.

Tuesday, 19th January 2021, 12:37 pm

Viewers of last night’s 999: What’s Your Emergency, which focused on how South Yorkshire Police deal with the victims and perpetrators of sexual offences, saw the man admit to sexually touching his own daughter after climbing into bed with her after a drinking game.

The horrific incident, which is understood to have taken place early last year, was one of a number of distressing sex crimes to feature on the second episode of the Channel 4 show.

The programme saw the man, dressed in grey, shabby clothes, being grilled by police at Sheffield's Snig Hill HQ – with a voiceover at the end of the show revealing he had been given a ‘lengthy sentence’ after pleading guilty to rape.

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The man admitted to raping his daughter. (Photo: Channel 4).

He repeatedly told officers: “I honestly don’t remember what happened,” but admitted to touching his daughter between her legs after admitted he had got drunk after playing a drinking game after his daughter had come over to his house.

"It’s all I remember, I swear,” he told the cameras, sobbing, “I shouldn't have done it. She’s my daughter.”

But investigating officers were convinced the man was covering up the extent of abuse and continued to question the man before charging him and taking him to court.

Viewers were left shocked by the incident and went to Twitter to voice their outrage.

Tasha tweeted: “So much respect for police officers. How the hell they can sit across from offenders (especially) like this "man" and keep their professionalism is beyond me. Thank you, all of you.”

Ann tweeted: “That was such a tough watch tonight. Huge thanks to all call handlers out there. What a tough job you have. Thank you.”

Alice tweeted: “Tonight’s #999whatsyouremergency episode....beyond disturbing. The predator at the end, I felt sick.”

Viewers also saw South Yorkshire officers dealing with an incident of domestic rape, a flasher and a sexual assault in a Sheffield nightclub.

The show continues next Monday night at 9pm when the show will focus on violent crime.