999: What’s Your Emergency? Sheffield woman arrested after she finds partner in her house with two sex workers

On last night’s episode of Channel 4 programme ‘999 What’s Your Emergency?’ viewers were shown a case where South Yorkshire Police responded to a report of violence between a couple.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 1:10 pm

The episode focused on how things can go wrong when people take the law into their own hands and try to get revenge when they feel they have been wronged.

Police were called out by a man called Wes, who called 999 saying: “I’ve got somebody in my property and they won’t leave and it’s getting violent and I just want them to leave.

"She’s my partner. Please get somebody here and get her out quick.”

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Carmen was taken to the police station in Sheffield. Photo: Channel 4
Carmen was taken to the police station in Sheffield. Photo: Channel 4

A number of police officers were dispatched to the Sheffield address, and on the way were told by Wes over the phone: “She’s threatening people as well love and I want her out. She’s got a knife in her hand now, please hurry up.”

Upon arrival officers found Wes in downstairs in the house, and were told the woman who was attacking him was upstairs.

In the bedroom they found Wes’ partner Carmen, who said she had lost her temper with Wes when she got home to her house and found one sex worker in her bed and another with Wes.

Harsh words were exchanged between Carmen and Wes before Carmen was taken to the police station and Wes was questioned by police.

It transpired that Carmen had most likely been holding scissors when threatening Wes, rather than a knife.

Wes said: “When Carmen came back I can obviously see why she was upset. Obviously I had working girls in the house with me.

"But there was another guy there as well and it was him that wanted business and him that was paying money. I did nowt wrong.”

At the police station Carmen got on well with police officers and joked with them that she would still be in the cell on her birthday the next day.

She said: “I know him. I’m not daft. I’ll wear his b******s for earrings.”

PC Laura Ledger, who attended the incident, said: “I have got sympathy for Carmen. People get hurt and people mess with people’s feelings and react in different ways.

"She’s had the red mist and reacted to something hurtful, but she’s got to control that.”