999 viewers see man arrested after fight about Quavers at Sheffield Asda store

This is the moment a Sheffield man was arrested after a row about bags of Quavers at a city branch of Asda.

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, 2:29 pm

Viewers of last night’s 999: What’s Your Emergency? watched as the man, named only as Perry, was taken into custody after being accused of headbutting a supermarket worker when a row broke out after being told he had too many multipack bags of the popular cheese flavoured crisps.

The Channel 4 show, which focuses on the work of South Yorkshire Police, revealed how officers responded to incidents such as panic-buying and public fears in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic last March.

The show revealed how Perry had been arrested after placing three multipack bags of crisps on the conveyor belt – and being told told he could only have two, due to restrictions on the number of items shoppers could buy which were in place at the time.

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Perry was arrested after a row about bags of Quavers boiled over in a Sheffield Asda store. (Photo: Channel 4).

The programme revealed how he had begun swearing at staff and swiped his shopping off the belt before headbutting a member of staff, causing them a black eye and being wrestled to the ground by other employees.

He told cameras how he had been shopping for his wheelchair bound grandma, saying: “She’s very vulnerable, I was just protecting my Nan and what she needs.

"It was quite stressful with people bulk buying, my Nan was getting frustrated that things weren’t there.

"I was panicking knowing that I couldn’t get everything she wanted. I got to the checkout with three big bags of Quavers and was told I couldn't have three so they took it off me but I took it back off her.

"Then they told me I couldn’t have any of my shopping.”

A fight broke out and Perry said: “I shouldn’t have done it. I admit that.”

He added: “My grandad and dad passed away and I’m the only person she’s got left. I love her to bits. She’s the main woman in my life."

Perry was shown being taken into custody by police, but at the end of the programme, it was revealed that he was released without charge.