24 of the longest sentences handed out at Sheffield Crown Court for some of the region's most wicked crimes

All of the criminals pictured here were sentenced to decades behind bars during hearings at Sheffield Crown Court, after being convicted of some of the most heinous crimes South Yorkshire has ever seen.

Among the crimes which led to these 24 defendants serving time at His Majesty’s pleasure are gangland murders; killing three members of the same family and some of the most despicable and systematic child abuse ever committed in Britain.

Two of the defendants pictured here will die behind bars, after being handed whole-life sentences.

The rest have received sentences of between 19 and and 37 years, with those serving the shortest sentences included on the list due to the combined total length with their criminal co-accused.

All 24 are all currently behind bars.

Some of the defendants admitted their crimes, while others were found guilty following a jury trial.

All of the information included here was correct at the time of publication in March 2024.

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