Crime scene investigation team sent to Sheffield propertyÂ

A crime scene investigation team has been sent to a property in Sheffield.Â

Saturday, 20th October 2018, 5:04 pm
Updated Saturday, 20th October 2018, 5:08 pm
A crime scene investigation team was sent to Sackville Road, Crookes yesterday afternoon

The CSI team were sent out to Sackville Road, Crookes around midday yesterday. 

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed the CSI team was sent sent to the property, but refused to provide any more information on the nature of the incident. 

A Crookes resident described the scene yesterday afternoon.

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She said : "The front door was open but the whole centre section was missing as if it had been removed. It was not broken, it looked as if it had been clinically taken out.

"I only saw two police officers, but there were other people standing around.

"The conventional police van had gone by 2.50pm but the scene of crimes van was still there at 3.30pm.

"About 3.30pm a policeman walked past with a big bag which looked full of equipment. He came out of the house and walked towards the van."