Crime prevention officer urges people to lock their doors and windows

A crime prevention officer has warned people to ensure their doors and windows are locked as the warm weather continues.

Sunday, 14th August 2016, 1:15 pm
Updated Sunday, 14th August 2016, 1:19 pm

In a video released by South Yorkshire Police, Crime Reduction Officer Eamonn Larkin gives advice on how to keep your property secure.

“It doesn’t matter what security you’ve got on your house if you don’t use it. The majority of burglaries at houses take place using the same two or three methods.

“The main was is insecure premises. People often go to bed leaving downstairs windows open, but more often than not people will go out of the house and leave the door unlocked.

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“The first thing a thief will do is try a door and see if it is unlocked and in too many cases it is. If you have a good lock, use it.

“If your door is unlocked the thieves will go in and your property will be on the way out.”