Crime over black bin

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Today the black bin refuse men came, but refused to empty our bin.

Our crime?

We had put in non-household items.

For everyone’s information, this was a pair of curtains that were not much use to anyone, two flexible shower hoses that were no longer needed and a wooden box 7.5in x 5in x 5in that I had kept my vegetable seed packets in.

On speaking to the collectors, it seems that they cannot empty any bins that have non-household rubbish in them.

What are my items called, if not household!

So I rang Veolia, to voice my concerns, quite calmly, and I was told that it was basically only kitchen waste, such as packaging from food and any other waste from preparing food that should go into the black bin.

I asked why this information had not been published in The Star, only to be told that it had been Veolia’s policy for a long time. For all the years we have had the black bins, we have been able to put any household rubbish into the bin without a problem, as long as it wasn’t too heavy for the men, and the lid closed.

I was told that I had to take all other waste to the tip or to recycling facilities.

OK, but if we are trying to be ‘green’ how much diesel will I use taking a few items across the city to recycle?

I was always under the impression that our waste in Sheffield was incinerated to provide heating.

Oh, and while talking about recycling, I used to put my vegetable peelings in my compost bin.

That was until we had rats, and then the pest controller had to come, and I was told not to put waste vegetables in the compost bin as it encourages them!

I always thought that was what it was for. Silly me.

Maybe as a pensioner I don’t live in the real world any more.

V Cutts S11