Crime figures are confusing

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IT appears South Yorkshire Police are winning the battle against crime.

Figures for recorded crime, and the word recorded is an important one, are at a 22-year low. Full credit to the police for mounting strategies and policing operations to tackle problem areas.

And there will come a time when the amount of recorded crime will plateau.

But while we congratulate the police we should also view the figures with a dose of reality. Indeed, the police say that we should not see the increase of drugs crime as a sign of a rise in criminality, more success in detecting it.

So when we see a fall in crime figures, we should also be aware that this may well also be to do with the fact that people do not report all crime and some crimes are now recorded as non-crimes.

Have respect for your neighbours

SOME people just won’t listen. People such as John Johnson, of Winn Gardens, Sheffield.

He was left in no doubt that his behaviour wasn’t difficult. But he just carried on regardless, overseeing a stream of car wrecks delivered and stored at his home, working on them while loud music deprived neighbours of their peace and quiet and attracted a group of youngsters who joined Johnson in his intimidating behaviour towards anyone who had the audacity to suggest they should be allowed to live without molestation.

Now the authorities’ patience has run out and he landed in court with a two-year ASBO hanging over him.

We not only hope that Johnson changes his ways and this time pays attention to the warnings but also that any other residents in the city tempted to follow his example realise that they are not entitled to live their lives with no respect for neighbours.

Stand on own feet

THE first signs of the consequences of rocketing student tuition fees are beginning to show themselves as Sheffield’s two universities experience falls in the number of applications for places in the next academic year.

And with this comes a shift in aspirations from would-be students, as more of them are showing that they are prepared to live at home and attend local universities to keep down costs.

This is a great pity as going away to university is part of the right of passage into the adult world. To many, student life is one long party. But in reality it is teaching them one of their most important lessons while at university – how to stand on their own two feet.