Crews deal with spate of arson attacks in one night

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Fire crews in South Yorkshire dealt with four blazes believed to have been started deliberately in just a few hours.

A BMW was left burning on Rosemary Road, Beighton, at 1.50am on Friday and a wheelie bin was ablaze on East Bank Place, Arbourthorne, at 12.40am.

Both were put out by fire crews from Mansfield Road and Aston.

Another vehicle was believed to have been set ablaze deliberately on Nethershire Lane, Shiregreen.

The Vauxhall Astra was found burning at around 10.10pm on Thursday by firefighters from Elm Lane station.

Rotherham crews also dealt with a skip fire at 9.20pm on Thursday behind shops at the Parkgate retail centre. The cause was thought to be deliberate.