Creepy Chesterfield clown picture creates social media storm – again

Folk are being urged not to panic after a picture showing a creepy clown stalking the streets of Chesterfield resurfaced on social media.

Monday, 27th October 2014, 6:45 am

The snap, which was recently posted on Twitter by the Unexplained World account, has been shared by more than 2,500 fraught people.

However, there is no need for alarm – as the picture was actually taken last November.

Old pictures and posts often resurface on social media sites, causing unnecessary panic.

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The Unexplained World tweet says: “A clown in Chesterfield has been spotted standing in roads in the middle of the night all week.”

In one of the many responses, a user says: “I would die if I saw that.”

Another says: “If that clown comes to America I’m moving to the North Pole.”

However, one man points out: “Keep up, that was about 1,600 years ago.”