Creating life, bringing joy

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WE take for granted our natural ability to have a child.

But for the one in seven couples nature robs of their fertility, the only chance of parenthood is to turn to medical science.

The good news is, though, that in the last three decades, huge advances have been made in assisted conception.

Right at the forefront is a Sheffield team who have given the gift of life to thousands of desperate couples.

Almost 4,000 babies have been ‘hand-crafted’ at Sheffield’s Care Fertility Clinic. One of the oldest IVF centres in the UK, the Glen Road team have spent a quarter of a century creating life and bringing joy to thousands of hopeful parents.

We’re famed for our steel and our cutlery – but maybe the city has another ‘product’ deserving of the revered Made In Sheffield stamp.

Winners give us reason for hope

WINNERS in 15 varied categories were honoured at The Star Business Awards last night and they all had one thing in common – talent.

Whether it was digital communications or manufacturing, customer service or simply starting up, those invited on stage are the best at what they do.

They emerged victorious from an already impressive shortlist of companies and individuals honed by years of economic tough times.

For The Star, it was an honour to host a competition of such quality and a cause for optimism for the future of the City Region.

For the entrants, it will hopefully live long in the memory as a highpoint of recognition for their efforts, as they return to the grindstone today.

On the chain gang

WIND in your hair, fresh air and exercise... cycling ought to be a sheer pleasure.

It’s free once you have bought the bike and it’s good for the environment. What could be better?

Sadly, as every cyclist knows, it’s a far from carefree journey. Venturing into the city you feel you’re taking your life in your hands. Even on a cycle lane, traffic feels perilously close. Negotiating a roundabout like Brook Hill in rush hour feels like you’re a target in a shooting gallery.

If we are to convert more people to healthy and responsible commuting, we need a change of attitude by the city planners and by motorists to make a little more elbow room for vulnerable cyclists.