Crash student ‘had never been so drunk’

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A STUDENT hit by a double decker bus moments after leaving an all-day drinking event at The University of Sheffield had “never been so drunk”, police reports reveal.

The 18-year-old girl, a first year student, suffered a punctured lung and serious head injuries after being hit by the bus on Glossop Road on December 14.

The girl, from Suffolk, had been attending the ‘Christmas Day’ drinking event at students’ union venue Bar One.

After she was knocked down the girl was found to have a promotional cup in her handbag marked ‘Legendary Christmas Event’.

At noon on the day of the event, the girl herself had reported via social media that she had “never been so drunk”.

South Yorkshire Police have called for a review into the Bar One’s licence to sell alcohol, which will be discussed by Sheffield Council’s licensing committee next Thursday. Students had queued from the early hours to get into Bar One in time for alcohol being sold from 10am.

Supt Martin Hemingway said in his report: “Of particular concern, especially in view of the social media comments of the injured party, is the starting of discounted drinks as early as 10am, with a range of different drinks discounted throughout the day.

This appears to encourage early drinking and the mixing of drinks.”

The report reveals three other incidents of trouble at Sheffield University students’ union.

Councillors are due to decide next Thursday what action, if any, to take about Bar One’s licence.

Options include modifying the licence to impose new conditions, suspending it or even revoking it.