Crash ends racing career of Jessica’s horse

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A HORSE part-owned by Sheffield’s world champion athlete Jessica Ennis is unlikely to ever race after it was injured in a collision with a car.

The two-year-old filly, named after the sports star, was involved in the crash in Newmarket and is being treated at the Newmarket Equine Hospital.

She panicked in the stalls during routine stalls schooling and became loose before running on to a road where she was hit by a car.

The horse, owned by Highclere Thoroughbred Racing, had been due to make her debut on Saturday and Jess had just been named as a part-owner days before.

The filly had to undergo surgery suffering lacerations and bruising after the accident.

A spokesman for Highclere Thoroughbred Racing said: “Jessica Ennis has come through her operation and has started what will be a long recuperation. But she is sadly unlikely to be able to race.

“If you could see the damage to the car it was amazing she walked away. The impact speed must have been significant.

“Had it not been such a sturdy car I’m sure the driver would have had precious little chance. Thank God he’s all right. The car looked as if it had been head on with a lorry, not a horse.

“It’s amazing the filly didn’t break a leg.

“She didn’t have a mark on her face but her legs were severely lacerated and there was significant damage to the near-hind stifle.”

Posting on Twitter, athlete Jess said: “Really sad to hear about my filly, who should have been racing this weekend but had an accident. Get well soon.”

Before the accident, having just been named as a part-owner, Jess said: “I was thrilled when I was invited to become a part owner of a race horse named after me – what an honour.

“My fiancé and I love horse racing, but are complete novices when it comes to knowing what to look for so it has been great to link up with Highclere who are hugely experienced.”