Crackdown on Doncaster's nuisance bikers gets underway

Partner agencies across the borough, including Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Police, have carried out a joint operation throughout the town in a continued effort to tackle the problem of illegal off road motorcycles and quad bikes.
Police and partnership staff during the operationPolice and partnership staff during the operation
Police and partnership staff during the operation

Members of the public and local residents, including farmers, have been increasingly concerned about erratic and dangerous riding and the damage to farmers land and crops as well as footpaths and bridleways.

Responding to these concerns, the Safer Stronger Doncaster Partnership group has used funding to purchase dedicated off road motorcycles to be used by specially-trained police officers in Doncaster during these joint operations.

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Doncaster Council’s Head of Community Safety Bill Hotchkiss, who supported the operation, said: “This operation was the result of intensive partnership working to tackle a problem, which affects many of our communities.

"Anyone engaged in the illegal use of off road motor cycles or quad bikes should think very hard before using them, as their actions could result in vehicles being seized, particularly if they are not insured for use on public roads.

“The tactics we have deployed show that we can be successful in bringing offenders to justice and warn people about the dangers, as we now have the capability to stop vehicles safely, using specially trained police officers supported by partnership staff.”

Three off road South Yorkshire Police motorcycles were deployed as part of the operation, which took place on Sunday, March 26.

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A total of 18 staff from the police and partners also took part.

This resulted in 19 warning notices being issued and an illegal motorcycle being seized.

In addition, photographic evidence was obtained which will be the subject of further analysis and investigation.

Chief Superintendent Tim Innes, the District Commander for Doncaster, added: “This action has taken place in many areas across Doncaster, responding to the concerns of communities. We have stopped vehicles, issued warning notices and taken photographs of people involved, which will be published on our website for identifications to be made and follow up action to be taken.

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“We rely upon help from the public to identify key locations where this is a problem. Therefore if you have any concerns about anti-social behaviour caused by the use of off-road nuisance motorcycles or quad bikes, please do not hesitate to speak to your local police officer or PCSO, or alternatively report it to us via 101 or [email protected].”