Court reports
Court reports
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The following appeared at Sheffield, Barnsley & Rotherham magistrates’ courts from September 23-28.


Addresses Sheffield unless stated otherwise

SHOPLIFTING: Martyn Barnett, aged 25, Drummond Road, Sheffield Lane Top, £110 fine, £85 costs; Shane Williams, 35, Bellhouse Road, Shiregreen, £110 fine, £24 compensation, £85 costs; Andrew Winterbone, 34, Swinburne Avenue, Balby, Doncaster, community order, curfew with tag; Sarina Ibbotson, 34, Guildford Rise, Norfolk Park, community order, 80 hours’ unpaid work, £100 compensation; Stephen Dawson, 43, Chestnut Street, Grimesthorpe, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Leroy Bethune, 34, Pitsmoor Road, Burngreave, 20-week suspended prison sentence, supervision; Mohammed Latif, 48, Sandygate Road, Lodge Moor, community order with supervision; Lee Whitelam, 30, Lyndsay Avenue, Parson Cross, community order with alcohol treatment requirement, £85 costs; Adrian Froggatt, 50, Victoria Street, Broomhill, 42 days’ jail; David Hill, 20, Algar Crescent, Arbourthorne, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Karina Biggin, 25, Kyle Crescent, Southey Green, community order with activity requirement; Sylvia Smith, 29, Dorking Road, Epsom, Surrey, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Samuel Barker, 30, Oakdale Road, Nether Edge, conditional discharge, £25 costs; Fazil Copeland, 40, Colley Drive, Parson Cross, community order with alcohol treatment requirement, £200 compensation; Alan Fletcher, 58, Felton Walk, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, £100 fine, £200 costs; Andrew Wallis, 46, The Plantin, Halfway, community order with alcohol treatment requirement, £15 compensation; Larry Kolade, 41, Steade Road, Nether Edge, conditional discharge; Adele Vanic, 19, Herries Drive, Longley, conditional discharge, £21.16 compensation; Gavin Woodward, 33, Beighton Road, Woodhouse, conditional discharge; Tobijar Brown, 30, Bennett Street, Highfield Road, conditional discharge, £50 costs.

THEFT: Luke Walker, 28, Greenland Drive,Darnall, £450 compensation.

ASSAULT: Dianne Welsh, 21, East Bank Road, Arbourthorne, conditional discharge, £200 compensation; Darren Crookes, 47, Deep Lane, Shiregreen, conditional discharge, £100 compensation, £150 costs; Thomas Savage, 23, Periwood Drive, Millhouses, £200 fine, £50 compensation, £85 costs; Neil Tait, 36, Reney Avenue, Greenhill, community order with supervision, £85 costs; Rebecca Needham, 31, Everingham Road, Longley, community order with supervision, £50 compensation; Gavin Young, 21, Winn Gardens, Middlewood, four-month suspended prison sentence, restraining order, £150 compensation, £100 costs; Mahad Ahmed, 29, Sedan Street, Pitsmoor, 16 weeks’ jail, restraining order.

DRINK DRIVING: Matthew Keeton, 22, Thorpe Drive, Waterthorpe, £100 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Tony Kay, 29, Scott Way, Burncross, six weeks’ jail, 12-month disqualification; Amy Conroy, 22, Ashdell Road, Broomhill, conditional discharge, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Gerard McCaffrey, 49, Cemetery Road, Sharrow, £250 fine, £85 costs, 20-month disqualification; Raymond Ward, 61, Hinde House Croft, Grimesthorpe, £110 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Samantha Redhall, 26, Station Road, Killamarsh, £100 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Mark Chauntry, 43, Grove Street, Chesterfield, community order, 100 hours’ unpaid work, £85 costs, 24-month disqualification; Daniel Smith, 29, Carr Forge Road, Hackenthorpe, £200 fine, £85 costs, 36-month disqualification.

BURGLARY: Daniel Wilson, 47, no fixed abode, 16 weeks’ jail.

HANDLING STOLEN GOODS: Lee Wolf, 22, Danebrook Close, Castlebeck, three months’ jail.

DRUG PRODUCTION: Steven Collins, 43, Carr Road, Deepcar, community order, 150 hours’ unpaid work, £85 costs.

DRUG POSSESSION: Gareth Oxley, 29, Badsley Street, Rotherham, £50 fine, £50 costs; Leyton Blake, 21, Fife Street, Wincobank, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Bodie Bonsall, 26, Castle Walk, Park, community order with drug rehabilitation order, £85 costs.

POSSESSION OF AN OFFENSIVE WEAPON: Dean Swearing, 40, Bannerdale Road, Brincliffe, community order with supervision, 100 hours’ unpaid work, restraining order, £500 compensation; Dane Hill, 24, Lavender Way, Wincobank, community order with alcohol treatment requirement, £85 costs.


Addresses Barnsley unless stated otherwise

DRINK DRIVING: Luke Jenkins, 24, Arundel View, Jump, £200 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Michael Allott, 43, Sparwell Terrace, Eldon Street, 22 weeks’ jail, five-year disqualification; Steven Kelly, 51, Linden Close, Hatfield, Doncaster, £300 fine, £85 costs, 24-month disqualification.

SHOPLIFTING: Adam Chopra, 19, Ballfield Lane, Kexborough, seven days in a young offenders’ institution; Martin Davis, 29, Dearne Road, Bolton upon Dearne, 12-week suspended prison sentence, £32 compensation.

THEFT: Brian Morley, 31, Beechlea, Thurnscoe, 16 weeks’ jail; Jamie Crossland, 20, no fixed abode, 12 weeks in a young offenders’ institution; Dean Jones, 35, Kinglands Court, Royston, 12-week suspended prison sentence, drug rehabilitation requirement; Stephen Cox, 45, Yews Avenue, Worsbrough, £136 fine, £85 compensation, £150 costs; Lynn Brown, 41, Towngate, Mapplewell, 26-week suspended prison sentence, £500 compensation.

HANDLING STOLEN GOODS: Kerry Lunn, 31, Cherry Tree Street, community order with supervision, £85 costs.

ASSAULT: Paul Thompson, 27, Morton Close, Monk Bretton, 14 weeks’ jail; Robert Williams, 34, King Edward Street, Monk Bretton, community order, 120 hours’ unpaid work, £150 costs; Aaron Cowles, 25, St Mary’s Road, Darfield, 16 weeks’ jail; Christopher Bell, 31, Baldwin Close, Royton, Manchester, community order with programme requirement, restraining order, £100 compensation, £85 costs; Kevin Clark, 51, Redland Grove, Staincross, 26 weeks’ jail; Richard Hesketh, 26, Pickup Crescent, Wombwell, 14-week suspended prison sentence, programme requirement, restraining order, £50 compensation, £85 costs; Matthew Leonard, 30, Oldroyd Avenue, Grimethorpe, community order, 150 hours’ unpaid work, restraining order, £100 compensation, £250 costs; Michaela Taylor, 47, Yews Lane, Kendray, 16 weeks’ jail, restraining order; Zoe Taylor, 23, Cedar Crescent, 16 weeks’ jail, restraining order; Edward Hague, 22, Vicarage Farm Court, Silkstone, 16-week suspended prison sentence, £250 compensation, £300 costs.

ASSAULT ON A PC: Gareth Ryan, 27, Kier Hardy Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, £75 fine, £50 compensation, £85 costs.

POSSESSION OF AN OFFENSIVE WEAPON: Lee Orridge, 28, Snape Hill Road, Darfield, 16 weeks’ jail.

DRUG POSSESSION: David Bartholomew, 49, Richmond Avenue, Darton, conditional discharge, £85 costs.


Addresses Rotherham unless stated otherwise

SHOPLIFTING: Martin Hoyland, 35, Reynolds Close, Flanderwell, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs; Mark Wilson, 26, Lowgreave, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Claire Dearing, 30, Greenfield Road, East Herringthorpe, conditional discharge, £40 costs; Patricia Gulyasova, 24, Hatherley Road, Eastwood, 28 days’ prison; Marcin Kubow, 30, Ferrars Road, Tinsley, four weeks’ jail; Carl Woolley, 36, Holywell Place, Town Centre, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, £85 costs; Jack Entwhistle, 27, Muglet Lane, Maltby, community order, curfew with tag, £8 compensation, £85 costs.

ASSAULT: Carl Christmas, 42, Robinets Road, conditional discharge; Stephen Lines, 32, Aldrin Way, Maltby, community order with supervision, £300 compensation, £85 costs; Dale Goodwin, 19, Simmonite Road, Kimberworth Park, £240 fine, £100 compensation, £85 costs; Michael Grantham, 26, Roughwood Road, Kimberworth Park, 12 weeks’ jail; Frank Lidster, 49, Cliff Hill, Maltby, community order, 60 hours’ unpaid work, £85 costs; Henry Neale, 43, Lady Oak Road, East Herringthorpe, community order, 80 hours’ unpaid work, £85 costs.

DRUG POSSESSION: Mark Quigley, 38, Hungerhill Road, Whiston, conditional discharge, £40 costs; Keiran Rice, 19, The Maltings, Canklow, £70 fine, £30 costs.

BURGLARY: Ryan Stokes, 20, Teesdale Road, six months’ jail.

THEFT: Ashley Humberstone, 21, Godric Road, Lower Shiregreen, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs; Shane Tomlinson, 42, Jedburgh Street, Wincobank, Sheffield, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs.

DRINK DRIVING: Kieron Blacow, 22, North Road, East Dearne, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs, three-year disqualification; Ashley Butler, 24, Peter Street, Thurcroft, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs, three-year disqualification.