Court round-up

COURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case
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The following people were convicted at Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham magistrates courts between August 26 and 31.


Addresses Sheffield unless stated:

SHOPLIFTING: Ian Stark, aged 52, of Whitehill Road, Brinsworth, Rotherham, community order, curfew with tag, £578 compensation; Gabor Lenner, 21, Carwood Way, Pitsmoor, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs; Michael Gibbs, 52, Castle Walk, £50 fine, £85 costs; Tobi James Lawal, 21, St Barnabas Road, £50 fine, £45 costs; Mohammed Zubair, 33, Melrose Road, Burngreave, community order, 150 hours unpaid work; John Lee Taylor, 32, St Barthholomew Court, Burgoyne Road, Walkley, conditional discharge, £50 costs; Anthony Clifford Craven, 48, Hawley Street, Town Centre, conditional discharge, £8 compensation; Dominic Brian Denham, 42, Washington Road, 26-week suspended prison sentence, drug rehabilitation order; Stephen Mason, 48, Fielder Mews, Firth Park, £110 fine, £85 costs; Shaun Brookes, 41, Sandford Grove Road, conditional discharge, £18 compensation; Jamie Dean Thomas, 22, Butchill Avenue, Ecclesfield, conditional discharge, £50 costs; Jamie Anthony Brown, 37, Harcourt Road, Crookesmoor, conditional discharge; Alan James Lucas, 34, Standon Road, Wincobank, community order with supervision.

DRUG POSSESSION: Ricky David Bellamy, 31, Wordsworth Avenue, Parson Cross, 26-week suspended prison sentence, 120 hours unpaid work, £85 costs; Frazer Charles Pickering, 35, Shay Road, Stocksbridge, community order, drug rehabilitation order, £85 costs; Paul Ward, 42, Bramwell Street, Netherthorpe, £120 fine, £85 costs.

DRUG PRODUCTION: Jahmaine Royle Wilson, 30, Brunswick Road, Burngreave, community order, curfew with tag.

DRINK DRIVING: Gemma Anne License-Smith, 30, Albert Road, Meersbrook, community order, 120 hours unpaid work, £85 costs, 24-month disqualification; Sheila Anne Keegan, 65, Hill Lane, Manchester, £300 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Robert Whiting, 52, Binsted Grove, Wadsley Bridge, £110 fine, £85 costs, 18-month disqualification; Stacey Leanne Johnson, 30, Carter Lodge Avenue, Hackenthorpe, four-month suspended prison sentence, £85 costs; Aiden Francis Kelly Gibbons, 26, Bracken Road, Wincobank, £100 fine, £85 costs; David Steven John Jones, 28, Wainwright Avenue, conditional discharge, £85 costs; David Michael Miller, 26, Preston House, Walsall, Birmingham, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Thauseef Ahmed Tafique, 26, Wake Road, Nether Edge, £200 fine, £85 costs; Kin Ting Wong, 28, Rockingham Road, Swinton, Rotherham, £200 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification.

ASSAULT: Julie Angela Wiggan, 43, Toppham Road, Low Edges, community order, curfew with tag, £100 compensation, £100 costs; John David Russell, 30, Brier Close, Waterthorpe, community order, 90 hours unpaid work, £100 compensation, £85 costs.

THEFT: Jason Joseph Beckett, 21, Cookson Road, Southey Green, community order, supervision, 60 hours unpaid work; Keith Ward, 35, Musgrave Crescent, conditional discharge, £20 compensation; Ahmed Marwan Al Sayed, 35, Sharrow Brook Woad, conditional discharge; Adam James Windle, 32, Eastern Avenue, eight-month suspended prison sentence, £445 compensation, £85 costs; Camina Ingledow, 34, Musgrave Crescent, Longley, four weeks jail; Dean Keith Ward, 35, Musgrave Crescent, six weeks jail.

POSSESSION OF AN OFFENSIVE WEAPON: Gary Crapper, 29, Coleridge Gardens, community order with supervision, 100 hours unpaid work, £50 costs.


Addresses Rotherham unless stated:

SHOPLIFTING: Christopher Lee O’Hara, aged 22, of Devonshire Road, Maltby, community order, 40 hours unpaid work; Peter Harrison, 27, no fixed abode, community order, £85 costs; Darren Peter Sizeland, 31, Framlingham Road, £300 fine, £85 costs; Mandy Yvonne Walker, 43, Pike Road, Brinsworth, community order, curfew with tag, £200 costs.

ASSAULT: Adam Paul Russell, 22, Athelstane Drive, Thurcroft, community order, 60 hours unpaid work; Daniel Graham Turner, 34, Lapwater Road, Wingfield, community order, 80 hours unpaid work, £100 compensation, £520 compensation; Steven James Barrow, 50, Central Drive, Thurcroft, community order with supervision, £85 costs; Anthony John Healy, 28, Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft, community order, activity requirement, £85 costs; Robert Ballough, 22, Popple Street, Sheffield, community order, 150 hours unpaid work, £75 compensation, £310 costs; Andrew Harrison, 23, Dene Crescent, East Dene, four-month suspended prison sentence, £200 compensation.

DRUG POSSESSION: Michael Scott Toone, 27, Rufford Road, Doncaster, £73 fine, £85 costs; Antony Barnes, 48, Selbourne Street, Eastwood, 12-week suspended prison sentence, 100 hours unpaid work; Neil Clark, 35, Dawnlands, Bawtry Road, £125 fine, £200 costs.

DRINK DRIVING: Neil Michael Hurst, 32, Cantilupe Crescent, Aston, Sheffield, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs, four-year disqualification; Nigel Martin Sanderson, 43, Bray Walk, Kimberworth Park, £400 fine; £85 costs, 12-month disqualification.


Addresses Barnsley unless stated:

SHOPLIFTING: Robert Dodd, aged 31, of James Street, South Hiendley, conditional discharge, £85 costs; John McConnell, 40, Malham Court, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Maria MacDonagh, 27, Gordon Street, Stairfoot, conditional discharge, £85 costs.

THEFT: Wayne Mark Kershaw, 33, Sheffield Road, community order, 80 hours unpaid work, £50 compensation, £85 costs; Shakeel Hamed Aziz, 31, Burngreave Road, Burngreave, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs, 12-month driving disqualification.

DRINK DRIVING: Paul Andrew Wassell, 43, Dearne Road, Bolton on Dearne, community order, 80 hours unpaid work, £85 costs, 26-month disqualification; Dayle Smith, 37, Highgate Lane, Goldthorpe, £300 fine, £80 costs, 12-month disqualification.

DRUG POSSESSION: Toby John Dennis, 35, Kinsley Street, Kinsley, Pontefract, £110 fine, £85 costs; Sam Stokes, 23, Cliffedale Crescent, Worsbrough Dale, £110 fine, £85 costs.

DRUG PRODUCTION: Martin Shaw, 39, Allatt Close, £110 fine, £35 costs.

POSSESSION OF A WEAPON: Kevin Newton, 31, Kingswood Crescent, Hoyland, community order, curfew with tag, supervision, 50 hours unpaid work, £85 costs.

ASSAULT: Ian Wainwright, 32, Ash Grove, conditional discharge, £35 costs.