Court round-up

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The following cases were convicted at Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham magistrates courts between June 24 and 28.

SHEFFIELD - Addresses Sheffield unless stated otherwise


Anthony John Whitmore, aged 25, of Jermyn Avenue, Hackenthorpe, £100 fine, £50 costs; Adam Nicholas Pinder, 24, Hanbury Close, Home Hall, Chesterfield, four-month suspended prison sentence, restraining order, £150 compensation; £85 costs; Alan Ernest Dawson, 59, Lowedges Drive, community order, £85 costs; Sabrina Parkin, 27, Castledale Place, Manor, conditional discharge, £50 compensation, £50 costs.


Liane Forrest, 33, Lowfield Avenue, Rotherham, community order with activity requirement, £85 costs; Daniel Stuart Bradshaw, 39, Fox Hill Crescent, Fox Hill, community order with supervision, £2 compensation; Anthony Paul Emson, 33, Manor Park Way, Manor Park, community order with supervision; Kerry Michelle Casey, 38, Fairbarn Drive, Stannington, community order with activity requirement; Keeley Thornton, 22, Waterslacks Road, Woodhouse, conditional discharge; Adam James Windle, 32, Eastern Avenue, £100 fine, £85.56 compensation; Daniel Lee Hewitt, 19, Morgan Avenue, Southey Green, conditional discharge, £40 costs; Paul Marc Ashmore, 30, Fleury Road, Gleadless Valley, three months jail; Paul Scott Franks, 39, Blackstock Drive, Gleadless Valley, community order with supervision, alcohol treatment requirement; Fahad Said Abdi, 26, Nottingham Street, Burngreave, community order with supervision, £40 costs; Bradley John Fagan, 21, Lupton Road, Lowedges, conditional discharge, £26.39 compensation, £40 costs; Frantisek Horvath, 25, £70 fine, £40 costs; Zak Simpson, 22, Summer Street, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Matthew James Ashmore, 30, Spa Lane, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, 150 hours unpaid work, £179 compensation; Gemma Louise Carr, 30, Newfield Farm Close, Gleadless Valley, conditional discharge; Chelsea Mitchell, 24, Charter Row, conditional discharge.


Steen William Wild, 36, Sandstone Avenue, Wincobank, £200 fine, £85 costs, 39-month disqualification; Liam Stephen Cole, 24, Millrace Drive, Goldthorpe, Barnsley, £100 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Krwan Sharif Rashid, 29, Rock Street, Pitsmoor, conditional discharge, 12-month disqualification; Malcolm Andrew Sayles, 29, Delves Drive, £75 fine, £85 costs, licence endorsed with 10 points.


Thomas Glynn-Harvey, 24, Medlock Road Handsworth, £30 fine, £85 costs; Fabrice Christian Youkpo, 24, Spring Close View, Gleadless alley, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Stephen Glover, 40, Severnside Place, conditional discharge, £85 costs;


Nathan Jones, 26, Gaunt Way, Gleadless Valley, £80 fine, £50 costs; Mark James Sulley, 27, Stubbin Lane, £95 fine, £85 costs; Darren Lee Flynn, 30, The Crossways, conditional discharge.


Dean Keith Ward, 35, Musgrave Crescent, Longley, 12 weeks jail; Ben James Case, 20, Old Gate Lane, Thrybergh, Rotherham, community order with supervision requirement, 80 hours unpaid work, £40 costs; Joshua Casey, 22, Wybourn House Road, Wybourn, community order, 120 hours unpaid work, £700 compensation; Kirk Thompson, 26, Holbrook Road, Woodthorpe, community order with supervision, £35 compensation, £20 costs.


Addresses Rotherham unless stated otherwise


Albert Hough, aged 40, of Avondale Road, Masbrough, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Marian Sandor, 36, Hampstead Green, six weeks jail; Stephen William Gervis, 32, Gray Close, Eastwood, community order, curfew with tag, £32 compensation, £85 costs; Thomas Phillip Tye, 32, Stables Way, Wath on Dearne, six weeks jail.


Jordan Roddis, 20, Holly Crescent, Flanderwell, £145 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Keeley Thacker, 36, Linkswood Road, Dalton, £250 fine, £85 costs, 14-month disqualification; David Brookes, 42, Upper Clara Street, Bradgate, £250 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification.


Luke Anthony Scully, 31, Jenkin Wood Close, Sunnyside, three-month suspended prison sentence, drug rehabilitation, £400 compensation, £85 costs.


Wayne Epton, 37, Sycamore Crescent, Wath on Dearne, 26-week suspended prison sentence, alcohol treatment requirement, £85 costs.


Ryan Stokes, 20, no fixed abode, community order, 120 unpaid work, £200 compensation, £85 costs; Anthony Stuart White, 31, Lovetot Avenue, Aston, community order, 120 hours unpaid work, £200 compensation, £85 costs.


Addresses Barnsley unless stated otherwise


Aaron Christopher Clay, aged 26, of Carlton Road, Smithies, eight-week suspended prison sentence, supervision; Khalil Bouassab Abdeslam, 22, no fixed abode, conditional discharge; Mohamed Said Rahmouni, 29, Goddard Hall Road, Fir Vale, conditional discharge; Jason Anthony Wheeler, 42, no fixed abode, 12 weeks jail; Sarah Jane Sephton, 31, Ingleton Mews, Smithies, 12-week suspended prison sentence, drug rehabilitation order, £44 compensation, £50 costs.


Damien John Bligh, 24, Columbia Street, Worsbrough Common, 16 weeks jail, 12-month driving disqualification.


Nicholas Kemp, 21, St Michaels Avenue, Monk Bretton, 16-week suspended prison sentence, 100 hours unpaid work, restraining order, £100 compensation, £85 costs; Simon Swiers, 39, Warren Crescent, Worsbrough Common, community order, 80 hours unpaid work, £125 compensation, £50 costs; Aidan Lee Chevens, 24, Fitzwilliam Street, Hoyland Common, 14-week suspended prison sentence, 100 hours unpaid work, £85 costs.


Jack Blachut, 18, Stocks Lane, Town End, 16-week suspended prison sentence, 80 hours unpaid work, curfew with tag, £525 compensation; James Andrew Duffy, 21, Mottram Street, 26-week suspended prison sentence, curfew with tag, 120 hours unpaid work, £525 compensation.


Claire Marie Rodgers, 23, Mottram Street, 12-week suspended prison sentence, curfew with tag, 120 hours unpaid work, 36-month disqualification; Peter Charles Smith, 32, Adrian Way, Cambridge, £300 fine, £50 costs, 24-month disqualification.