Court Report: Latest Sheffield, Rotherham & Barnsley magistrates court convictions

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The following were at Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley magistrates’ courts from October 13-18:


Addresses Sheffield unless stated:

Shoplifting: Michael Daley, aged 42, Plowright Mount, Gleadless Valley, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement; Karl Stevens, 35, Newman Road, Wincobank, 12 weeks’ prison suspended for 12 months; Clive Budgeon, 59, Stradbroke Crescent, Stradbroke, 12 months’ conditional discharge; Sarah Gavins, 49, Matlock Green, Derbyshire, £110 fine, £85 costs; Martina Price, 33, Smelter Wood Rise, Woodhouse, community order, £85 costs; Kenneth Smith, 53, Carrill Road, Fox Hill, community order, £60 compensation, £85 costs; Gemma Shaw, 32, Loy Close, Wingfield, Rotherham, 12 weeks’ prison; Luke Thistlethwaite, 32, Beaumont Road, Manor, 12 weeks’ prison; Trudy Manning, 41, Maltravers Crescent, Wybourn, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, £85 costs; Craig Doyle, 43, Main Road, Darnall, detained in police station; Deividas Juodeika, 19, of no fixed abode, 12 months’ conditional discharge; Bernadette McQuillen, 47, Conway Street, £40 fine, £25 compensation; Ian Popo, 51, Cammell Street, Firth Park, £40 fine, £104.90 compensation, £85 costs; Dariusz Mirga, 41, Gervase Road, Lowedges, £70 fine, £40 costs; Nathan Wigfield, 38, Ashgate Road, Chesterfield, community order, 80 hours’ unpaid work; Angela Clark, 31, Conway Street, Broomhall, community ordert; Matthew Ashmore, 31, Southend Road, 12 months’ conditional discharge; Jamie Brown, 38, six weeks’ prison suspended for 12 months; Sara Layton, 34, Reynolds Close, Flanderwell, Rotherham, 12 months’ conditional discharge; Anouska McQuilkin, 36, Batemoor Drive, Batemoor, 12 months’ conditional discharge.

Assault: Sheldon Archer, 18, St Aidens Place, Norfolk Park, 17 weeks’ in a young offenders’ institute; Connor Wallace, 23, Spa View Way, Birley Spa, community order, eight weeks’ curfew, £85 costs; John Fairclough, 39, Pye Bank Road, Burngreave, community order, £85 costs; Leanne Shevlin, 30, Hartley Brook Road, Shiregreen, community order, £85 costs; John Richards, 26, Batemoor Road, Jordanthorpe, 18 weeks’ prison suspended for two years, £150 costs; Max Smith, 27, Priory Road, Sharrow, £100 costs, community order; Richard Cleary, 27, Firshill Crescent, Shirecliffe, 12 weeks’ prison; Lee Webster, 26, Spa Lane Croft, Woodhouse, 12 weeks’ prison.

Drink-driving: Steven Barnett, 28, Fulmere Crescent, Parson Cross, £250 fine, £85 costs, 12 months’ driving ban; Thomas Ward, 34, Adlington Crescent, Parson Cross, community order, three years’ driving ban; Oliver Bonnington, 20, Wingfield Crescent, Intake, drug-driving, £250 fine, £500 costs, 12 months’ driving ban; Zdenko Tancos, 36, Josephine Road, Rotherham, £110 fine, £85 costs, 46 months’ driving ban; Micheael O’Callaghan, 49, Lupton Drive, Lowedges, community order with alcohol treatment requirement, £85 costs, 24 months’ driving ban; Daniel Smith, 30, Lindsay Avenue, Parson Cross, £200 fine, £85 costs, three years’ driving ban.

Theft: David Ubsdell, 33, Langsett Road, Hillsborough, 16 weeks’ prison; Georgia Bagshaw, 21, Fairbarn Drive, 18 months’ conditional discharge, £20 costs.

Drug possession: Gary Maw, 47, Burgoyne Road, Upperthorpe, detained in courthouse; Damien Owuodzie, 30, Erskine Crescent, Arbourthorne, six months’ conditional discharge, £85 costs; Sohail Khan, 27, Ribston Walk, Darnall, £50 fine, £85 costs; Darren Morton, 41, Angleton Gardens, detained in courthouse; Hono Luniama, 28, Nottingham Street, £50 fine, £50 costs; Dale Gibbons, 25, Hartley Brook Avenue, three months’ prison suspended for 12 months.


Addresses Barnsley unless stated:

Shoplifting: Shaun Dewsnap, 50, Lancaster Street, Town End, 18 months’ conditional discharge, £85 costs; Cerrie Andrews, 31, Grasmere Crescent, Staincross, 12 months’ conditional discharge, £85 costs; June Downing, 51, Doles Crescent, Royston, 14 weeks’ prison suspended for 12 months, £10 fine.

Assault: Kelly Hepple, 30, Sheffield Road, town centre, community order, 12 weeks’ curfew, £100 compensation; David Hudson, 30, Pearson Crescent, Wombwell, 16 weeks’ jail; Liam Miller, 18, Coronation Road, Hoyland, supervision order, £679 compensation, 100 hours’ unpaid work; Daniel Steele, 42, Cranston Close, 60 hours’ unpaid work, £100 compensation, £85 costs.

Drink-driving: Dennis Nyingi, 23, Farm Road, £350 fine, £85 costs, two-year driving ban; Christopher Plant, 58, Minster Close, Cantley, Doncaster, £350 fine, 20-month driving ban; James Mann, 24, Pontefract Road, Cudworth, community order, 120 hours’ unpaid work, £100 costs, two-year driving ban.

Drug possession: Joshua Hoggett, 21, St George Road, 126 days’ prison.


Addresses Rotherham unless stated:

Drink-driving: Peter Dawson, 61, Blackmoor Crescent, Brinsworth, £300 fine, £85 costs, 16 months’ driving ban; Jason Maxfield, 26, Upper Rye CLose, Whiston, £250 fine, £85 costs, 18 months’ driving ban; Paul Kingston, 44, Beauchamp Road, Kimberworth Park, £300 fine, £85 costs, 16 months’ driving ban.

Shoplifting: Amy Gee, Wingfield Road, two-year conditional discharge, £9.99 compensation, £85 costs; Rory Riddiough, 39, Litton Walk, Town End, 12 weeks’ jail suspended a year, £85 costs; Gareth Shaw, 33, Ingshead Avenue, Rawmarsh, community order, 10 weeks’ curfew, £35.95 compensation. £85 costs; Michael Andrew Parker, 33, of no fixed abode, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, £85 costs; Grenville Cotterill, 43, Princes Road, 12 months’ conditional discharge, £85 costs, £7.16 compensation; Peter Buchanan, 28, Westgate, community order, 160 hours’ unpaid work, £40 costs.

Drug possession: Ian Isles, 43, Slade Road, Swinton, community order, eight weeks’ curfew, £85 costs; Richard McLachlan, 40, Birch Park Court, Holmes, 26 weeks’ prison.

Theft: Roman Lee, 18, Long Acre View, Holbrook, Sheffield, community order, six weeks’ curfew, £300 costs.

Assault: Richard Popplewell, 27, Devonshire Road, Maltby, £300 fine, £100 compensation, £85 costs; David Elsom, 24, Rookery Road, Swinton, Mexborough, community order, 80 hours’ unpaid work, £85 costs.