Couple win fight over home

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A COUPLE from Sheffield have won a two-year court battle for a relative’s former country mansion.

Appeal judges ruled Lower Manaton, a house set in 15 acres of land in Cornwall, was ‘held on trust’ for Roger Taylor and Denise Burkinshaw.

Judges heard the property had belonged to Roger Taylor’s late uncle, Bill Taylor, a former Sheffield Hallam University director of art history.

They heard Roger and Ms Burkinshaw moved from Sheffield to live with Bill more than a decade ago.

The couple said Bill promised the property to them, but then went back on his pledge.

Judges heard Bill suggested the couple move in with him after a burglary.

They heard he had made a will under which the home would pass ‘to Roger and Denise’, but later changed it, saying he feared Roger ‘would blow all the money’.

Bill launched legal action in 2010 seeking a declaration Roger and Ms Burkinshaw were ‘tenants’, but he died, aged 90, before the trial.

A county court judge had ruled for the couple’s favour, before a challenge by the executors of Bill’s will.